Waste backup or other sewer line issues are among the least desirable problems to have as a homeowner. It often means your home’s sewer lines have clogged, which can happen as a result of tree roots or other debris getting into the line. Not only does this cause a gross and unhygienic mess, but it can also make you worried about what damage could be done to your property before the sewer issue gets cleared out. 

Getting regular inspections for any possible damage will ensure you do not have to deal with this situation. Sewer line repair services are cost effective in the long run because the services ensure clean, functional pipes that help protect your home’s structural integrity. 

So how can you recognize evidence of sewer line damage? If there is a problem with your sewer line, there are indicators that suggest something is wrong. To better protect your home, consider some of the following signs below that indicate the need for sewer line repair or replacement services. If you notice any of these signs, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at The Plumbing Works to prevent any further damage and increased repair costs.

End of an Era

The main reason for the majority of sewer line failure is just old age. It would be incredible if sewer lines lasted hundreds of years, but eventually they’ll need to be replaced. Many sewer lines can provide reliable service for over 60 years, but they’ll all eventually reach the end of their lifespan without being able to support your home as they did. Breakdown and clogs resulting from natural wear and tear will likely be persistent, even causing ruptures and leaks into the ground around your home. Tree roots can grow across and into the small cracks in pipe couplings and cause serious pipe damage. This situation can cause a terrible odor and possible damage to the home itself. Getting your sewer lines replaced in an efficient manner and with professional experience will ensure that your system remains intact.

Repeated Pipe Clogs

Pipe clogs that keep recurring can be a sign of something larger than a common buildup of hair, debris, or toilet paper stuck in the sewer line. You may experience small clogs occasionally, but these can often be resolved with a plunger and don’t make it so you have to call a plumber. However, if you have clogs that must be cleared by a professional multiple times per year, it is likely a sign that your system should be repaired or even replaced.

Sewer Line Burst

 When needing full-scale sewer line replacement, the culprit is usually a busted pipe within the larger sewer line system. This can happen due to soil changes around the home, more weight on the ground that’s above your sewer line, or pipe corrosion. If your sewer line bursts, call the experts at The Plumbing Works to repair the damage and install a new sewer line to get your system back in operation as efficiently and carefully as possible.

Standing Water or Foul Odor Near Home

If you come across a pool of standing water in your home’s yard, it can signal that a pipe has broken and is spilling waste into your soil. Once a pipe ruptures, the water will begin to seep through the ground and flood the area. You could also encounter a foul odor from the sewage gasses underneath the soil. It can create a very unpleasant smell that can affect you and your neighbors.

While sewer line maintenance and repair is inevitable, it’s best to get them inspected and worked on before any urgent need to. For all your sewer line maintenance, repair, and replacement needs, The Plumbing Works is here to support you with top-quality and efficient service! Schedule an appointment with a professional at The Plumbing Works today to ensure your home’s sewer lines are running smoothly for years to come.

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