Most people are aware of the fact that being a homeowner means dealing with a plumbing issue from time to time, but this rule goes double when you’re a business owner. Whether you own a restaurant, a retail store, a manufacturing facility, or any other kind of commercial space, you’ll have plumbing systems in the building that are often different and more complex than those in your home, and that come with their own set of problems that you’ll have to tackle every so often. With a qualified plumber on your side like The Plumbing Works in Reading, PA, you’ll be able to handle any of these five common commercial plumbing problems!

Clogged Drains

It happens a lot in homes, and it happens a lot in commercial spaces– sometimes, drains just clog. In fact, if you own a commercial space like a restaurant or shop with a kitchen, you might find that stopped up drains seem to happen much more often than they do at your home. This is because commercial drains see a much higher volume of traffic over the course of a day, with much more waste passing through the drain and causing potential clogs. This can significantly slow things down for your business, and rather than suffer through it or risk damaging your plumbing with drain cleaning solutions, it’s best to simply call in the pros.


Leaks are another common problem in commercial plumbing. The issue here is twofold. First, commercial pipes are more likely to be exposed to things that can cause corrosion and damage over time, like chemicals and the elements, and second, commercial plumbing systems tend to be large and complex, meaning that leaks are harder to find and may end up causing significant water damage by the time you do catch them. Leaks should be dealt with by professionals as soon as they’re found. This minimizes the damage they cause, and helps to prevent further leaks in the future.

Low Water Pressure

Trying to wash dishes at home in a sink with low water pressure is a frustrating, messy job– now imagine it in a commercial kitchen! Low water pressure is a frequent complaint in commercial spaces, sometimes due to high demand on the water supply, but other times caused by leaks, damaged or clogged pipes, or malfunctioning pumps. Without the proper equipment and knowledge, it will be difficult to nail down which of these causes is the culprit for your low water pressure, but plumbing professionals like the team at The Plumbing Works will now how to diagnose the issue and get your pressure back up again!

Temperature Issues

From the bathroom to the kitchen to any other tap that you have in your commercial space, problems with the water temperature can be a huge issue. Commercial water heaters are machines that often pull serious overtime, but rarely get the maintenance and attention they need, so they can deteriorate at a faster rate than the water heater in your home, for instance. When you, your employees, or your customers have trouble regulating the water temperature, it’s sure to cause some major problems. If and when you come across this situation, it’s time to call in The Plumbing Works!

Sewage Odors

Few things are more unappetizing, unappealing, and unprofessional than the smell of sewage coming up from drains in your commercial space. Everything your business needs to accomplish in a day will grind to a screeching halt when this nasty problem sneaks up on you. Dry traps and vents are supposed to keep sewage smells from ever reaching the interior of your building, so that foul odor is probably due to a malfunction in one of these components. A professional plumber will know how to find this part of your plumbing system and get it working properly again or replace it with a new one if needed!

Whether you and your business are dealing with one of these common commercial plumbing problems or one that isn’t listed here, the licensed plumbers at The Plumbing Works in Reading, PA are ready to help you. Contact us today with any questions and one of our friendly and helpful team members will be happy to help you!

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