Some of our favorite jobs are when we get to do a full upgrade to a customer’s outdated equipment to provide an experience that is more intuitive and efficient. This was the case recently when a customer in Reading, PA called us to replace their A/C system they had been using for quite some time.

Our team arrived and began the installation of a new Airtemp 14 SEER A/C system which involved multiple steps to ensure a holistic adoption of the upgraded technology. Our team installed new refrigerant lines that we adapted to the new coils, ensuring a seamless flow of refrigerant throughout the system. Additionally, the service disconnect and electrical whip at the outdoor unit were replaced, guaranteeing safe and reliable electrical connections. Finally, we removed the outdated mercury-type thermostat and replaced it with a new Honeywell basic digital thermostat. This upgrade allows for precise temperature control and improved energy efficiency as well as providing a user-friendly interface and enhanced functionality. The customer was satisfied and now enjoys improved cooling performance, energy savings, and a more convenient and intuitive control system for their home’s climate.

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