The Plumbing Works – Easing Reading, PA and the Great Berks County Area Out of Summer

The Plumbing Works – Easing Reading, PA and the Great Berks County Area Out of Summer

Important Things To Do and Know Before You Shut Down Your AC for the Season

We are slowly approaching the fall even though summer hasn’t left us quite yet. Before we start tweaking and tuning up our plumbing and HVAC systems for the fall, there are some important end of summer maintenance tips that can ensure that you are carefully “closing up shop” with your cooling system. Even though you may still be using your air conditioner, eventually the time will come when you’ll need it no longer. The Plumbing Works wanted to give you some air conditioner tips and steps to ensure that you properly close down your AC system so you’re ready to go for next year.

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Many people have probably already shut down their air conditioning units for the summer to prepare for the fall but, when the humidity is high, many of us want to get a few more weeks out of our cooling units. Either way, you need to make sure that your system or AC unit is clean, can run efficiently and will be ready to go when you need to next.

End of summer AC tips- How to properly shut down or maintain your AC or cooling unit for the end of the season:

Make sure your air filters are fresh:  Even throughout the summer, or any time you may be using an air conditioning unit or central air, it’s incredibly important to change or clean your AC filters. The same goes for your heating system! It is a very easy thing to forget but if your filters aren’t clean your air conditioner won’t work to it’s maximum capacity which will cause it to work harder for the same effect while also jacking up your utility bills. Dirty air filters can also affect your indoor air quality and the if the air your breathe is of poor quality it can affect you and your family’s health. Before you wrap up use, clean it out!

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Clean up your compressor:  Like your air filters, if your compressor gets dirty, it can also decrease your airflow and air quality. When it use, try to keep it out of direct proximity with things like trees and bushes so nothing gets caught in it. When you’re ready to remove it, take a hose and spray it down to get all of the dirt and outdoor materials off of it. (You should also do this in the summer a few times too!)

Start phasing out of use:  Air conditioning can be addicting, we know! But now that it’s cooling down, it may not be necessary. Try using ceiling fans and other fan units to keep your house cool. Even if you still use the AC, ceiling fans will allow you to keep the temperature lower which can save you some extra cash. The more money you can save, the happier you will be! Also, if it’s hot out during the day, lowering your blinds or keeping your shades closed can help keep some of the heat out. It may slightly affect the amount of light in your home but if you don’t mind, or you’re gone during the day, this is a great tip to keep your house cool with the need for air conditioning.

Inspect your duct work for leaks and clogs:
Whether you have central air conditioning or a window unit, be sure to clean your coils and vents and inspect, or have your duct work inspected for potential problem areas. You may have been losing cool air or wasting energy and not have even known about it! By taking the time to do this now, you can rest assured that your AC unit is in good shape and will be efficient in the future.

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Not taking it out? Cover it up:  Air conditioners have covers for the winter time if you want to leave your AC unit in. You’ll need to protect it from the fall and winter weather so make sure you
get a strong protective cover to withstand outdoor weather conditions.

Maintain, maintain, maintain:  Like everything electronic, mechanical and living, air conditioners need upkeep! A little HVAC maintenance can go a long way! Twice a year, an AC tune-up is recommended. Usually the first takes place in the spring before peak usage and the second should take place after the summer before you shut it down. The best thing you can do is keep up on your AC maintenance to avoid future inconveniences and taking a little time to follow these tips can help you avoid costly repairs and AC replacement in the future.

The Top 10 Reasons to get the Ultimate Tune-Up this Season

Though fall isn’t quite here just yet, it is important to be as prepared as possible cause in an area like Reading, PA, you never know what kind of weather can hit out of nowhere. At The Plumbing Works, we take pride in our superior HVAC services and it is our goal to make sure that you don’t have unnecessary problems with your heating and cooling systems. As heating season approaches, our professionals will give you tips, facts and other helpful information that will help you prep your heating system for the winter. We specialize in HVAC installation, HVAC repairs, and HVAC maintenance.

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It’s a big season to focus on heating and cooling, but don’t forget about the importance of your plumbing system as well. The Plumbing Works is also a licensed and certified plumbing company proudly serving the Greater Berks County Area. Some Plumbing Services we offer include installations, repairs and maintenance in the following areas:

Drain cleaning

Water heaters 

Water treatment 

Pump services 

…And more!

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