A Heating Tune Up Can Save You Money… And Save Lives!

A Heating Tune Up Can Save You Money… And Save Lives!

The Importance of Heating Maintenance in Reading, PA – Berks County and
Surrounding Areas

We know, we know… you hear it all the time. It’s important to get a furnace tune up, a boiler tune up… blah blah blah. But trust us…this is very important! At The Plumbing Works, the health of your HVAC systems is
important to us but the safety of you and your family is even more important.
If you’ve never had the incentive to tune up your heating system, we’re hoping to change that today. Cooler weather is on the way and it’s important to make sure your furnace, boiler or any other heating unit is working properly because if it isn’t, there is a chance that carbon monoxide could be leaking into your home.


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Problems with carbon monoxide exposure in your home can happen for a variety of different reasons. One common cause is inadequate installation, maintenance or ventilation of your furnace. Also the older your heating unit gets, the more likely it is to cause problems. Heating a furnace tune up or heating system tune up can benefit you in many ways. It will make sure that your furnace, boiler or heat pump  is working as efficiently as possible but more importantly, it will ensure that the health and safety of your family is not put in jeopardy.


*Have your heating system, water heater and any other gas, oil, or coal burning appliances serviced by a qualified technician every year.*

Carbon monoxide affects your body by inferring with the delivery of the oxygen in your blood to the rest of your body. The worst part about it is that it is colorless and odorless – without a carbon monoxide detector in your home it is impossible to detect. Even if symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning occur, it may be too late.


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It is produced by the incomplete combustion of fuels that contain carbon including wood, natural gas, charcoal, coal and fuel oil and can be omitted by space heaters, furnaces, water heaters and many other home appliances. Have your furnace or heating system tuned up today to be safe and ready for the months ahead.


Your home comfort systems are like your car. If you have old brake pads, low oil and poor air pressure in your tires, would you take a trip across the country? We didn’t think so. The winter season is a cross country trip for your heating system. Here are other reasons that you should get a precision tune up this season:


–  Save Up to 30% on Utility Bills

–  Avoid and prevent unnecessary and costly repairs

–  Routine maintenance can up to DOUBLE the lifespan your heating products

–  Improves indoor air quality

–  Safeguard your home and family from carbon monoxide poisoning and other harmful health risks

–  Save energy and fuel – Be environmentally friendly


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