Make an Energy & Money Saving Choice – Consider Natural Gas Conversion in the Reading, PA Area

Make an Energy & Money Saving Choice – Consider Natural Gas Conversion in the Reading, PA Area

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It seems as though heating season came out of nowhere this year! All of sudden the temperature started to drop and it became time to begin focusing on your HVAC system in order to ensure that it is in great condition and running efficiently so you have no problem in the months ahead. And if you haven’t had a heating tune up yet… don’t wait too much longer or you’ll regret it!


At The Plumbing Works, we care about your comfort during each and every season and we also would like to do everything we can to save you money as well! In our years in business, we’ve learned a great deal about the HVAC industry and wanted to share with you some valuable information on how you can save a significant amount of money this heating season. With oil to gas conversion, your oil burning heating unit, like your furnace or boiler, will now run on natural gas. The use of natural gas has many benefits to improve your comfort and overall quality of your life so take a second to learn about a few of them.

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Keep More in Your Wallet!

◦    One of the greatest benefits of the use of natural gas in your home is that it saves you a SIGNIFICANT amount of money, even the first year! The U.S. Department of Energy has also predicted that in the future, natural gas will continue to cost less as an energy source than oil, propane and other types.

Improve the Efficiency of your Home!

◦    There is an up to 30% increase in efficiency when it comes to the usage of your heating equipment – and also for your air conditioning equipment during cooling season too!

American Pride!

◦    98% of natural gas is produced in North America. With the amount of dependency we have on foreign countries for things like foods, cars, everyday products, energy sources, and more, it’s a great step forward for the United States.

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Cleaner Air in Your Home!

◦    A switch to natural gas means an improvement in yourindoor air quality. It is the cleanest burning fossil fuel and with it, your home will be free of unwanted fumes, soot and sulfur dioxide.

Be Green! Contribute to the Health of the Environment Too!

◦    Natural gas emits up to 40% less carbon and up to 99.9% less sulfur than oil does. Not only is this a great improvement in our indoor air quality but it also will have progressive impact on the environment and the world around us. It is also safer than oil usage because there is no fuel tank holding natural gas that can cause damages to the environment by pollution of groundwater and soil or by leaking oil into the ground.


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Your HVAC System Will Be Cleaner & More Efficient!

◦    When the heating and cooling products in your home are cleaner and more efficient, it means that you won’t have to spend nearly as much on average for repairs and maintenance costs. Natural gas usage in the home is proven to be cheaper than oil equipment and usage… and who doesn’t want to save money?

Gas Serves Many Purposes!

◦    In your home, not only can the use of natural gas work as a heat source, but it can also be used for a variety of other everyday activities. You can use it to barbeque in the summer and heat up your swimming pool, dry your clothes, light your fireplace… and so many other things. It has far more purpose in the home than you may have known which is why it is such a great money saver in both the short and long run.


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One other thing that many people we speak with like to hear is that many important local organizations like hospitals, government organizations and schools turn to natural gas for their energy needs. It is a smart choice not just for you but for the community and environment around you. You can follow their lead but still march to the beat of your own drum!


As a Reading, PA heating contractor, The Plumbing Works has many more reasons why natural gas conversion is a step in the right direction for your future and we’d love to discuss them with you if you have interest in that area. Our heating experts and HVAC technicians are in it for you! We want to ensure that your comfort and convenience in your home is the best it can possibly be during this upcoming heating season and for years and years in the future. Make your home a cleaner and more efficient place… and you’ll help the environment as well.


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