Learn About Alternative Heating Options with Ductless Mini-Split Systems in Reading, PA

Learn About Alternative Heating Options with Ductless Mini-Split Systems in Reading, PA

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One of the biggest trends in the HVAC industry that continues to rise in popularity is ductless mini-split systems. They offer affordable and energy efficient ways to heat and cool your home. In the winter months, people depend more and more on ductless heat pumps for their comfort for a variety of different reasons. Here at The Plumbing Works, our HVAC contractors wanted to share with you some of the great benefits of ductless heating systems while also touching on some of the drawbacks as well.

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Whether a system like this is right for your home depends on one thing and one thing alone:  The individual needs of your family. Take a minute to figure out if ductless mini-split systems are worth making the switch today.

What is a ductless mini-split system and how does it work?

Typically when you heat and cool your home, the hot or cold air travels in your home through a series of ducts or a duct system in order to be transported from the heat or AC source to its intended destination.  A duct system can span throughout your entire home making sure that your furnace, boiler, heat pump, air conditioner or any other single HVAC unit can provide for the entire home.

With a mini-split system, ducts aren’t needed to distribute heated or cooled air. Instead, individual units are used (typically mounted on a wall or a ceiling) and blow the air directly into the desired room. There is an outdoor component with this system as well. They are often used in “non-ducted” homes because they perform better than other ductless HVAC units like space heaters, radiant panels and hydronic (hot water) heating systems. Mini-split air conditioners and mini-split heat pumps are often also the preferred method of comfort in homes with duct systems due to their advantages.

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Benefits of using ductless HVAC units in your home:

  • Mini-splits are some of the most reliable and efficient systems.
  • Ductless HVAC systems take up minimal space as opposed to duct systems which can
    crowd your basement, attic and other rooms in your home.
  • There is a variety of different sized units ranging from small to large to best meet the needs of the individual area it is heating or cooling.
  •  In many cases, one single outdoor unit can serve heating and cooling purposes for up to four different units or different temperature zones in the home.
  •  Because they have no ducts, they drastically minimize energy loss that you are guaranteed to get from duct systems.
  •  They are an easy fix for remodeling purposes and home add-ons.
  •  They are more flexible when it comes to interior design. You have the choice to mount or suspend them in a variety of areas on the wall and ceiling.
  •  Remote controls are available for most units if you decide to put them in hard to reach places.

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Some disadvantages of mini-split systems:

  •  Installation costs can be higher than other heating and cooling methods, however, operating costs are lower and there are often discounts and rebates to make installation costs a big lighter.
  •  The HVAC installation company must be precise to ensure it is in the best location and make sure it is sized appropriately. This is important because if it is not installed or fitted correctly, energy can be wasted and humidity and temperature control may not be accurate.
  •  The appearance can also be a negative. Many people don’t find their look appealing because it is not built in like a central heating or cooling unit.

If you are considering a transition into a ductless mini-split heat pump or air conditioner, it is  important you know all of the facts. Another extremely important thing to consider is that it’s tough to find HVAC service technicians that you can trust and that have the knowledge, experience and expertise to get the job done right. Don’t take any chances to save a few bucks or to try to get a good deal – you’ll lose in the end. At The Plumbing Works, we are heating experts. If you need a company with excellent heating installation services, we are the company in the Reading, PA area making the Greater Berks area

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