Frozen Pipes in Reading Pennsylvania and the Greater Berks county? Call a technician from The Plumbing Works!

Frozen Pipes in Reading Pennsylvania and the Greater Berks county? Call a technician from The Plumbing Works!

When the weather gets cold in Reading Pennsylvania and the Greater Berks county area, it gets cold! Wind chills and freezing temperatures can really cause damage to unprotected plumbing . If you wake up one morning and there is no water coming out of the faucet you may have frozen pipes. If you find damp or wet drywall or floors you may have a pipe leak or a fractured pipe. Worse yet if there is a significant amount of water than you may have a burst pipe. The first thing you need to do in a situation like that is turn off the main water supply. The next step is call an experienced, professional plumber like one of the technicians from The Plumbing Works. Trust me, your handy neighbor next door probably can’t fix this one.

Water freezes at 32°F or below. When water freezes it expands. So when water inside a pipe freezes it pushes against the walls of the pipe. If the pipe is old, been exposed to ice before, or made from a weaker material like copper, than it might fracture or burst. Insurance companies claim that an average damage claim from a burst pipe is 15, 000 dollars. Water destroys the walls, the floors, your belongings, and pretty much anything in its path. That is why it is so important to make sure your home, including the plumbing, is ready for the cold winter months. A technician from Reading, Pennsylvania plumbing experts The Plumbing Works could easily come out, identify at-risk-pipes and make sure that they are insulated and ready for years to come. The call and investment is clearly worth it.

And don’t forget about the pipes outdoors in your home! Many Reading, Pennsylvania  homeowners become frustrated when spring comes and they go to water the garden and the hose is broken. When they return from the hardware store with a new hose they become even more concerned when they discover that the hose bib is broken because the pipes froze during the winter. This can be prevented by draining the water from your hoses and bringing them inside for the winter. You should also drain the water from your hose bibs and cover them with an insulate cover. If come this spring you discover they have been damaged, consider having frost free hose bibs installed by a qualified plumber.

Ice is no joke! Water is an incredibly powerful and sometimes destructive force. We depend on water for hydration, comfort, and to clean. But we also need to respect its unique properties, like freezing, and take the preventive measures through annual maintenance to protect our homes, finances, and families from its sometime split personality. Call one of friendly technicians to your home today so you can have peace of mind for winters to come.

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