Types of air conditioners for your Reading, PA home or business

Types of air conditioners for your Reading, PA home or business

Summer is around the corner and each week the weather report is reporting higher temperatures. Many of us are preparing our homes for the summer weather and have started thinking about air conditioning. Air conditioning keeps us cool and comfortable during the hot summer days. And if you have children or elderly family living with you air conditioning is also important for safety. Different homes and businesses in Reading, PA have different air conditioner needs. Some air conditioners add value to your home while others just get the job done. Below are the different types of air conditioners and their pros and cons.

The most common type of air conditioning unit for those without central air is the window air conditioning unit. These air conditioners have all the bells and whistles in one boxy unit and are placed in the window or in a hole in the wall. These units can be quite noisy and energy inefficient. It is important to choose an energy efficient unit and look for one that advertises low noise. Like window air conditioning units, portable air conditioners contain all the refrigeration parts in one unit but are on the ground and have a hose running out a window or exterior wall. These units are known to be noisy but can be a good option for a stubborn room that isn’t getting cooled by central air.

Ductless or split system air conditioners are not commonly found in homes. You find them more commonly in apartments or hotels. The system has two units with one inside the home and one outside connected by refrigeration tubing. These are great little units for a sunroom or additions that are not going to be used all the time because you can choose to use the air or not for that particular room. They also do not require connection to the ductwork but will need to be connected to the main breaker box. They come in a variety of sizes and strengths but also need a solid maintenance schedule and can use a lot of electricity.

The most sought after air conditioning system is central air condition because of its ease of use, premier performance, quietness, and comfort. Central air conditioning has a unit inside and outside the home. The inside unit is connected to the furnace and uses the existing ductwork to push cool air throughout the home. With the use of a thermostat one can turn on the unit and
cool the whole house. They can be very energy efficient especially when combined with geo-thermal systems. When choosing a central air conditioning system it is very important to choose the correct size. If the unit is too big it can cause humidity problems in the home and turn on and off frequently. When choosing central air it is important to use an experienced and professional company like The Plumbing Works for air conditioner product selection and installation. Our knowledgeable technicians can help you find the right type and sized unit for your Reading, PA home or business.

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