Consider a career in Plumbing or HVAC in Reading, PA

Consider a career in Plumbing or HVAC in Reading, PA

With an ever-changing economy and jobs being outsourced or replaced by machines, many people are making major career changes. Mayor Blomberg of New York recently encouraged people to consider becoming a plumber rather than going to college because these types of jobs cannot be replaced by machines or outsourced overseas. With this in mind, we decided to give you some information about becoming a licensed plumber or HVAC technician in Reading PA. The process for each is fairly similar, though the courses are different.

Before deciding where to go to school, you might want more information on what a Plumber or HVAC technician does. A Plumber learns how to install, repair, maintain, and replace pipes and fixtures in both commercial and residential buildings. This includes drain cleaning, remodeling jobs, and wastewater treatment systems. This vocation requires knowledge of building codes, the ability to read blueprints, knowledge of pipe and construction materials, and an increasing knowledge of water-conservation techniques. HVAC technicians, on the other hand, specialize in the installation, maintenance and repair of heating, refrigeration and cooling systems for both residential and industrial buildings. This includes repairing heating systems, air conditioning units, and so much more.

First, you must obtain a high school diploma or GED. If you are still in high school, we strongly encourage you to take vocational courses that would apply to plumbing or HVAC systems. Students should also take physics, mathematics, and electronics courses when available. These courses provide valuable information for the exams that both plumbing and HVAC certifications require. Next, you should look into local trade or technical schools and/or community colleges that offer vocational training. Certifications or Associate’s degrees in Plumbing or HVAC systems should take about 2 years, depending on your course load.

Once you complete these courses or programs, you can begin working as an apprentice under a licensed technician for 2-5 years. During this time, you will not receive full pay for your work because you are not yet licensed; however, you will be making money rather than increasing debt to take more classes. At the end of your apprentice program, you can take the exam for a license either as a Plumber or as an HVAC technician. The requirements for exams do vary from state to state; however, they are comparable, and most states require a second exam and certification if you will be working with gas lines.

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