Earthquakes and Tornados. How to prepare the plumbing and heating in your Reading, PA home or business.

Earthquakes and Tornados. How to prepare the plumbing and heating in your Reading, PA home or business.

Reading, PA is a pretty safe place to live. Our risk of an earthquake is higher than the state average, but significantly lower than the national average. However, our risk of seeing a tornado is higher than the state average and higher than the national average. Preparedness is the most important tool you have in your box so today we offer some suggestions for preparing your Reading, PA home’s plumbing, heating, and cooling for the event of an earthquake or tornado.

1. Know where your shut-offs are

Before disaster strikes make sure all the age appropriate persons in your home know where the shut off valves are located for your water, gas, and other utilities/fuel sources like oil or electric. Make sure everyone knows how to turn off the water shut off valve, gas shut off valve, or the electric circuit breakers.

2. Strap down appliances

It may help to strap down equipment like furnaces, water heaters, and especially gas powered appliances. If the house starts to shake from an earthquake or tornado these straps might provide enough support to prevent the equipment from tipping or falling which could damage the equipment or cause water lines and gas lines to break.

3. Have emergency numbers ready

If disaster does strike you are going to want to get your home fixed as soon as possible. Make sure you have the numbers for the gas company, in case of a gas leak, fire department, police department, contractors, clean up specialists, and an experienced plumber like The Plumbing Works. For over 20 years we have been meeting and exceeding the plumbing, heating, and air conditioning needs of our residential and commercial clients. We know how stressful plumbing, heating, and cooling damage can be and have made it a point to be part of the solution. So if you need help give us a call.

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