Kick Your Space Heater to the Curb and Exchange it for a Ductless Mini-Split in your Reading, PA home.

Kick Your Space Heater to the Curb and Exchange it for a Ductless Mini-Split in your Reading, PA home.

When it gets cold in Reading, PA home, you drag out the ol’ space heater and it helps to keep your toes warm and your lips from turning blue.  People have relied on space heaters for years, and for years they’ve been causing problems—big, ugly problems.  But no worries, The Plumbing Works has the heating solution for you—the ductless mini-split for your Reading, PA home.  But first, let’s talk about why that space heater isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

The Top 3 Reasons to Say Bye Bye to Your Space Heater:

1.     Kerosene or propane space heaters emit carbon monoxide, which can be deadly to both people and pets.

2.    You should never sleep or leave your home when your space heater is on.

3.     They are a fire hazard.  You should never keep a space heater near anything flammable including clothing, curtains, furniture, bedding, and flammable chemicals.  They also must be plugged directly into an outlet because plugging them into an extension cord or a power strip is a fire hazard as well.

Basically, what it comes down to is safety.  When you pull out your space heater, you’ve got to find a safe place to set it where absolutely nothing that could catch fire will be anywhere near it.  You’ve pretty much got to keep an eye on it whenever it is turned on, and that’s just plain annoying.  So, getting back to the solution, let’s discuss the pros of the ductless mini-split.

The Top 3 Reasons to Get a Ductless Mini-Split Instead:

1.     They can be mounted on the wall or suspended from the ceiling.

2.     You can use them for cooling as well as heating.

3.     They are reliable and energy efficient.

The Plumbing Works wants to help keep you and your family warm and safe this coming fall and winter.  Unlike space heaters, ductless mini-splits are easy to install in places that will not be fire hazards. It is important that if you do decide to get a ductless mini-split, that you hire a knowledgeable Reading, PA heating company with experienced HVAC technicians that can get the job done right.  If you have questions about ductless HVAC systems or are ready to have one installed in your home, contact The Plumbing Works today.

So if you are considering replacing your heating system and adding value to your home, call us and let’s talk about ductless HVAC systems and see which one is right for you. And for testimonials, money saving tips and coupons, visit us on the web, or call one of our friendly representatives today. At The Plumbing Works we are all about service.