HVAC Ductwork Air Leak Testing & Sealing for Your Reading, PA Home

HVAC Ductwork Air Leak Testing & Sealing for Your Reading, PA Home

From time to time it is important to have a local heating company, like The Plumbing Works, come to your home and examine your Reading, PA HVAC ductwork  for leaks.  An expert HVAC technician from The Plumbing Works can test for air leaks and seal your HVAC ducts for improved performance and efficiency.

Why Does My Reading, PA Home’s HVAC Ductwork Need to Be Tested for Leaks? 

  1. Efficiency – Your HVAC system is working constantly to cool or heat your home.  This takes energy.  When leaks occur in ductwork and the conditioned air doesn’t make it to its intended destination, conditioned air is wasted, and therefore energy is wasted.  Now if this just happened once in a blue moon, it would be no big deal, but if your ductwork is leaking, it is leaking around the clock and you are continuously wasting energy.  Your HVAC system ends up working more than it should need to.  Energy of course costs money, and The Plumbing Works would like to help you save some!
  2. Comfort – If your Reading, PA home has air leaks in its HVAC ductwork, there’s a good chance that some areas of your home are not getting cooled or heated as well as they should be.  You may notice that a certain room is always too hot or too cold.  This is because the conditioned air is escaping out through a leak in the ductwork and not making it to that room!  A leak in a return duct can also pull dust and dirt into the HVAC system.

What Can The Plumbing Works’ HVAC Technicians Do to Find & Seal Ductwork Air Leaks in My Reading, PA Home?

The first step to finding air leaks is to seal off all the ductwork vents except for one.  Then the HVAC contractor pushes 50 pounds of pressurized air through the ductwork and measures the pressure coming through the unsealed vent.  If pressure has been lost then there is a leak that must be sealed. The experts at The Plumbing Works will seal any and all leaks you may have, so that your HVAC unit can work less hard and waste less energy, and you can save money on future utility bills!  Ready to get started?  Call us today!

We work on commercial HVAC systems too!

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