Spooky Furnace Sounds in Reading, PA

Spooky Furnace Sounds in Reading, PA

Picture this, you’re sleeping peacefully, and you wake suddenly to hear deep rumbling sounds, high pitched squealing sounds, or persistent vibrations or rattling sounds. You follow the noise and find it’s coming from your furnace. It’s like the furnace is talking to you, but you have no idea what it’s saying. Thankfully, we know Casper the Friendly Ghost isn’t inside trying to send you a secret message. Instead, your furnace could be showing signs of certain problems, and the skilled technicians at The Plumbing Works wanted to give our residential and commercial clients in Reading, PA some translation tips for the sounds your furnace can make and what might be causing it.

Whether you’re using the heating component or the A/C, your furnace has a blower motor that runs all year round. This motor pushes both cool and hot air through the ductwork. Older models tend to use a belt and pulley system. Similarly to a car, when the belt gets frayed or unevenly worn, the furnace will start making rattling or squealing sounds. On the other hand, if the bearings are not lubricated properly, you could hear squeaking or scraping sounds. Be sure to consult your furnace’s owner’s manual for details about the model and routine maintenance tips.

Most importantly, if your furnace never made noise previously, it’s important to take the sounds seriously. Catching problems early can significantly reduce the cost of repairs for your commercial and residential HVAC system. If you’re scheduling routine maintenance and following the instructions in the owner’s manual, it’s time to contact a licensed technician. Thankfully, the skilled workers at The Plumbing Works are only a phone call away.

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