Duct Sealing Saves Dollars in Reading, PA

Duct Sealing Saves Dollars in Reading, PA

Pretend for a moment that instead of keeping your money locked in a safe or at the bank you placed each bill one by one into a tube that twisted and turned around the inside of your house.  You’d want to make sure none of that money got lost right?  How would you feel if there was a big hole in the tube and your twenty dollar bills kept flying out into the attic (or who knows where) and disappearing?  You’d probably want to cover up that hole in the tube.  The Plumbing Works wants you to know that a similar scenario could be happening in your Reading, PA home right now.  The money isn’t in the form of dollar bills though, it’s your heat.  Your heating unit works hard to create the warm air that it distributes through your home via ductwork.  When your ductwork leaks, the warm air (that your heating unit expended energy to create) is lost.  When heated air escapes, your HVAC system  must create more to warm your home, and this costs you more money on your heating bill.  So, like with a big money-tube, it’s important to know if you’ve got a leak and, if you do, to have the leak repaired.  The first step is noticing that you have a leak in your ductwork.

You may need a duct repair in your Reading, PA home if…

  • Your heating bill seems higher than it should be.
  • You clean your home, but there is still always a lot of dust.
  • Some rooms always feel stuffy.
  • Certain rooms seem impossible to keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • You can see that ductwork is exposed in a crawlspace, attic, or basement.
  • There are sharp bends in your ductwork.

If you do suspect that you have a leak in your ductwork, the next step is to contact The Plumbing Works for duct sealing.  Our heating experts  will find the leaks and seal them up, so that all of your heat can reach its intended destination.  You’ll not only see your monthly heating bill decrease, but you’ll enjoy warmer, more comfortable rooms, and less dust and other allergens in your air!

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