How do I find a reliable plumber?

How do I find a reliable plumber?

Steps To Picking The Right Plumber For You


Reading PlumberSelecting the correct plumbing company can make your repair less stressful, and worry free. There are many things you want to keep in mind when choosing the right company for the job. Here are some things to check for.

Ask to see their state license. Every plumber, including journeymen and subcontractors are required by law to carry a state plumbing license.

Check for proof of insurance. For your protection, it is in your best interest to hire a plumber who is insured. You might also want to make sure the plumber has workers compensation and general liability coverage. Checking these things is important, because if an accident occurs while the plumber is working, the insurance will cover whatever damage occurred. If a plumber or one of his workers is injured on the job, you can’t be sued.

It is also important to see how long the plumbing business has existed. You should also take note of how long they have been in your location, and if they moved recently, ask why. Plumbing business that are stable are usually ones that are reliable.

What do they charge? Some plumbers don’t just charge hourly rates, and companies’ billing systems will vary. Some may charge by “time and material”, and others might charge a single flat rate. When you ask for an estimate, be sure to ask what you will receive for the quoted price.

Always keep in mind that a company that quotes the lowest rate might not be the right company for you. Some companies might try to nickel and dime you by adding fees for equipment, truck, or trip costs. Make sure when you are comparing the quotes, you are comparing them with all of the possible fees included.

If you do all of the things outlined in this article, you should end up with a plumber that correctly meets your needs. If you have gone through all of these steps to picking the right plumber, I’d suggest asking a friend or neighbor. They may have hired a plumber in the past, and might be familiar with a reliable company.

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