What are signs that my AC needs a tuneup?

What are signs that my AC needs a tuneup?

Signs that your AC needs a tuneup


AC Tune-UpAccording to HVAC experts, air conditioning units should be checked out and tuned up once a year. However, there are times when problems arise that require attention before the year is up. Often, there are issues that need to be attended to promptly to avoid costly and time consuming repairs and sometimes even replacement of the entire unit.

There are symptoms that your unit will exhibit when there is trouble brewing, much like our bodies tell us when we need a tuneup by giving us hints.

-Air Conditioner Unit Turning On And Off Frequently
This can mean that the compressor and fan controls are becoming worn but it can also mean that they have been jarred from their correct position, which is a much easier and less expensive problem to deal with.

-Unit turning on but not cooling properly
A frequent reason for this is an evaporator or condenser coils that need to be cleaned by brushing or vacuuming them. A refrigerant leak can also be the culprit when your unit isn’t keeping you cool. There is a simple way to find out for sure if low Freon is your problem. Feel the large copper line that connects the unit to the house at a time when it’s warm outside. A cold copper line means the Freon level is correct, a warm one means it’s low. Always have a HVAC professional deal with Freon leaks.

-Compressor is turning on but fan doesn’t
This usually means the fan motor is bad

-Compressor isn’t turning on
This is something for a professional to check out, many times it means the compressor is worn out

Any time your unit starts behaving badly, it’s best to call a professional HVAC professional to get their expert opinion. Small repairs can turn into large nightmares over a short period of time. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, as the old saying goes!

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