How Long Does a Bathroom Repipe Take?

How Long Does a Bathroom Repipe Take?

How Long Does A Bathroom Repipe Take?


RepipingA bathroom is one of the most important rooms of the house. It’s been said that as the bathroom plumbing goes, so does the plumbing for the rest of the house. This is because a large part of the pipe system for the entire house involves bathroom piping. Furthermore leakage or corrosion takes place over time.

We conveniently offer an assessment of your bathroom plumbing free of charge. Usually the time it takes to perform a repipe depends on the type of piping used, the extent of the damage and how old the pipes are.

Homes more than 30 years old commonly used cast iron or PEX piping, this is especially prevalent in older homes, those more than 50 years old where only cast iron was used. As a result, there are some important clues that our plumbing company can assess regarding the condition of the bathroom piping:

. If there’s low water pressure.

. Whether the tub water temperature increases upon toilet flushing; that’s a safety hazard.

. The source of green-colored tub or toilet stains that don’t seem to come off.

. If the original piping has developed pinhole leaks.

. A recurrence of hot water leaks, the reason why the bathroom floor seems to be hot all the time.

Any of these issues requires an assessment. Call us or click today so we can find a viable solution. Our evaluation is done in a short amount of time, usually one hour as we have the latest state of the art equipment. Our video cameras diagnose anything quickly. We have plumbing snakes and high-powered hydro jetting which can also clear clogs and blockage.

A complete repipe job takes only two or three days. You don’t have to leave your home as the work is done in parts. Furthermore we’re friendly, professional and are always ready to answer any questions. Our job includes drywall repairs, painting and inspection by local municipalities to ensure compliance. If the repiping involves copper it’s usually three days; with PVC it’s usually one or two days.

Is your bathroom in need of a full repipe? Call The Plumbing Works today at (610) 750-8296 for the best services in Reading!