Enjoy Your Home to the Fullest With This Simple Step

Enjoy Your Home to the Fullest With This Simple Step

Health Benefits of Whole House Water Filtration


Whole House Water FiltrationMost water that Americans access through their taps contains a moderate amount of contamination. This contamination is derived from industrial and environmental sources and concentrates in the municipal water system. In spite of industrial filtration systems, these contaminants are able to make into the water supply and cause long term health effects. In this situation, a whole house water filtration system can really help.

The level of chemicals is too minimal to cause any instant problems associated with the contaminants, but contaminants concentrate over time to accumulate to dangerous levels in the tissue of all that consume it. Contaminants can be natural nutrients that have been concentrated as fertilizer or through other sources. Other chemicals are man-made and come from artificial substances. By-products of natural and man-made materials also accrue in the environment and find their way into the drinking water of Americans. Pollutants also enter the system through events like acid rain, storm and pesticide run off, and run off from hazardous industrial wastes. Household products and farm wastes also affect the water supply.

Reading OpenA whole house water filtration system is available in two different systems. Both help people protect their families and pets from the dangers of these contaminants on their physical health. The first type of filtration system is called a standard system. In this system, the incoming water of a home is directed through a filter that is connected to the home’s water line. This means that all the water that is used in the house will pass through this system before being delivered to spigots throughout the home. These systems often contain carbon filters. These filters remove chlorine, odor, VOCs from the water that is used in then home.

When other contaminants are present, there are filters that also filter specific contaminants. The chemicals that are contained in the water system of particular areas will be well documented. The other system is called a heavy duty filter. This filter will remove virtually all contaminants from the home’s water supply regardless of the area. These filters contain cartridges that are replaced annually. Because they have an expanded filtering capacity, the heavy duty systems do require more maintenance. However, to protect the family, these affordable systems are well worth the time and effort to maintain the systems. It can significantly improve the long term health of your family.

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