7 Recommended Pre-winter Heating & Cooling Tune-up Services

7 Recommended Pre-winter Heating & Cooling Tune-up Services

How Should I Prepare For the Winter?


Pre-Winter TuneupThere are some tune up recommendations for heating and cooling systems in the home that can help a homeowner to ensure that this heat is something that they can count on throughout the entire winter months. Finding a licensed professional for this type of tune up can allow someone to get their furnace ready as the colder months approach.

1. A visual inspection can be very important and a professional will know what to look for. A professional will take a closer look to make sure that everything is sealed properly and ready to go.

2. Another part of a visual inspection can be to turn off the power and gas supply and really look into the working parts of the furnace. This can be a more intense visual inspection, but one that can alert a homeowner to potential and dangerous problems.

3. Another tune up that can be very important is inspection of the filter. A licensed professional will know how to properly remove the cover of the furnace to check the filter inside.

Reading HVAC4. Replacement of the filter is something that is often completed before the first use of the furnace each winter season. This is something that may also be necessary throughout the year as well.

5. A HVAC professional will also thoroughly check the blower during a tune up. There are often mirrors that are used to make sure that all areas of the blower are visible. A blower can become obstructed and this can ensure that there are no blockages that prevent air from circulating through this blower.

6. The burners in the furnace can have buildup of dust and dirt. The burners can be removed and cleaned by a professional. When a burner is clean, it can work to the fullest capability. The pilot will also be cleaned with a wire brush to help it work more efficiently.

7. Safety tests can be one of the most important reasons to hire a professional for a tuneup. The safety tests that are performed on the furnace will check to see if the furnace is overheating. This can also tell a homeowner the amount of gas that is used to operate the furnace. The most important part of this safety test will be the detection of carbon monoxide. It can be very important for a homeowner to also use a carbon monoxide detector in the home also.

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