7 Heat Pump Tips For You!

7 Heat Pump Tips For You!

7 Heat Pump Tips For New Users

Reading HVACAre you looking for a cost-effective, adaptable, efficient way to heat or cool an area of your home or business? Consider using a heat pump. The heat pump can be used to take some of the strain off of your furnace while effectively heating or cooling any area you want.

What is a Heat Pump
A heat pump is an electrically powered device which transfers heat from a heat sink or heat source to a specific destination. The pumps do this by taking heat from a cold space and moving it to a warm one. Used properly, heat pumps can extend the life of your furnace and save you up to 50% on your heating and cooling costs.
Whether you choose a split level, packaged, geothermal, or ductless heat pump, to get the unit to function at its best it must be used properly. The following are 7 tips to help you get the best service possible out of your heat pump.

1. Turn Down The Thermostat. This enables the heat pump to function as your primary heating or cooling source and will save you money.

2. Don’t Set On Auto Mode. Have your heat pump set on heat mode in winter and cool mode in summer. This will keep your home at a comfortable temperature all year.

3. Adjust Temperature Setting . Heat pumps measure the temperature at the unit and not at the thermostat. So set the heat pump’s thermostat to a temperature you find comfortable.

4. Program the thermostat. Set the thermostat on your heat pump so that it only heats the rooms you normally use. This saves you from unnecessarily heating or cooling rooms that are unoccupied.

Heat Pump5. Optimize The Air Flow Direction. In winter aim the hot air from the heat pump down towards the floor. During summer aim the cool air towards the ceiling.

6. Maximize the heating zone. Heat pump can heat or cool several rooms simultaneously. Simply leave the doors connecting the rooms open. If the other rooms aren’t in use, close the doors. This will save on energy costs.

7. Keep The Dust And Allergen Filters Clean. Clean the dust filter when the indicator light is on or it looks dirty. Once you have cleaned and replaced the filter, the ‘clean filter’ light must be reset. Call us today and we will show you how a heat pump can save you money.

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