Air Filter Information Every Homeowner Needs!

Air Filter Information Every Homeowner Needs!

Air Filter Replacement


Reading Heating & CoolingThe Importance of Replacing Your Air Filter

Air conditioners come in many forms; wall units, window units, HVAC units, and geo units. One thing they have in common is, all need routine maintenance to insure the efficiency and economy of the unit. Replacing the filter is the easiest way to ensure the unit’s longevity, and help keep energy costs from spiking. A clogged or dirty filter can raise energy cost 15% or more.

This is due to the unit having to work harder to provide the air flow it needs. This also reduces the lifespan of the unit. Neglecting the filter allows allergens and other contaminates into the air. This can cause respiratory problems in children and seniors, and affect other electronics in the home.

How Often Do I Replace My Filter

According to Your text to link…, the type of unit and the environment it is used in are key factors in how often a filter is changed. One to three months is the normal range. If the unit’s owner’s manual suggests three months, operates in a smoke free, pet free environment, and isn’t used in excess,( I.E. running continuously for long periods of time.) then every three months is appropriate. In reality, most are not going to fall in this category, Especially when it comes to HVAC units, rarely are they out of use. Checking and replacing the filter every month is a good practice. The cost of filters is low when compared to the cost of a new unit.

How Do I Replace the Filter

Air FilterWall and window units usually have a slide in filter in the front of the unit. Many of these filters are washable. If the filter is torn or ragged, it is time to replace it. The filters for HVAC units vary in location and size. The owner’s manual, as well as the unit will have the size of filter(s) you need.

The most common filter placement is on the outflow side of the unit. There may be other filters where the unit is married to the duct work. Larger units may have a filter on the outside conditioner, and may have filtration on each level of the dwelling. A HVAC certified professional can assist in locating and replacing the filters if needed.

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