Dealing With a Slab Leak Disaster?

Dealing With a Slab Leak Disaster?

Handling Slab Leaks in Your Home


Reading PlumberA slab leak is a water leak that occurs at or below the concrete slab used as a foundation in many homes. These leaks are problematic as the slab makes it difficult to find, access and repair the leak.

While dealing with a slab leak is not easy, it is important to quickly repair slab leaks in order to prevent a home from developing serious foundation problems due to the leaking water eroding the ground under the slab.

What Causes Slab Leaks? 

Slab leaks are caused by leaking water lines or leaking sewer lines. These leaks can start due to corrosion, foundation movement or other causes. Water leaks from corrosion are especially common with older galvanized pipes that corrode over time. In colder climates, leaks can also start as a result of water freezing inside the pipes creating cracks in the pipes or causing joints to become loose. A leak near the slab will result in water pooling on top of the slab or water draining through the slab and into the ground below the foundation.

How Do I Know If I Have a Slab Leak? 

Slab leaks may be identified from wet spots in a yard around a home, moisture being found in the home or through musty smells or dripping sounds being heard in the home. However, in many cases, slab leaks are not found until the leak causes the foundation to weaken and the home begins to settle. When a homeowner believes that he or she may have a slab leak, a professional repair company can be called in to locate the leak. For leaks that are difficult to pinpoint, specialized listening tools can be used.

How Long Does a Repair Take?

The time that it takes to repair a slab leak varies depending upon a number of different factors. Leaks that are located inside the house, such as water lines under a sink, can often be repaired in one day. However, water or sewer lines that are leaking under the slab can require multiple days to repair. This is due to a repair company needing to either dig under or cut through the slab in order to access the leak.

Once the repair has been made, the repair company may need to take steps to build up the ground under the foundation to level the home or to prevent future settling. If an access hole was made through the slab, it will need to be repaired as well.

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