Furnace Maintenance is Vital for a Working System

Furnace Maintenance is Vital for a Working System

Furnace Maintenance AFUE Rating


When it comes to your home furnace, there is an important rating you need to know about. this is the annual fuel utilization efficiency rating, or AFUE.

This is a thermal efficiency measure that looks at all of the different elements used and determines how efficient that equipment is.

Now, there are different kinds of furnaces that need to have a set level, otherwise the equipment must be replaced.

Now, it is possible for the new equipment to have a much higher than the minimum rating percentage, but the higher the percentage the more efficient the equipment is.

How Important is the AFUE Rating For Your Furnace?

This is extremely important. This is the level of fuel and energy used in order to heat a home. There is almost always going to be some fuel consumption that is lost in the process and escapes the furnace, so the higher the efficiency level, the better off your home is going to be and the less expensive it is going to be to run your home.

How Does this Rating Work?

Now, there are many different kinds of furnaces you need to know about. A cast iron heating oil furnace pre 1970 has an AFUE of 60 percent or higher, while a mention head burner heating oil furnace must be at least be at 70 percent. A mid efficiency heating oil furnace needs to be at least at 83 percent.

In terms of electric heating. Only a central or baseboard furnace can have 100 percent and this is what it is sold at.

It is the only form of furnace that can ever reach 100 percent as all others do have some sort of a leak. A geothermal heat pump and air-source heat pump each have varying requirements, based on the state you live in.

Regarding natural gas, a conventional furnace must be at 55 percent, a mid-efficiency must be at 78 percent and a Exeter & Temple Furnace Maintenance condensing furnace must be at 90 percent.

Regarding propane, a conventional must be at 55 percent, mid-efficiency must be at 79 while a condensing must be at at least 88 percent. A firewood furnace conventional option is at least 45 percent, an advanced one is 55 percent and a state of the art firewood furnace is at least 75 percent.

Why Should a Professional Handle This?

A furnace is difficult to install and knowing the correct AFUE is often difficult without proper experience.

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