Garbage Disposal Installation

Garbage Disposal Installation

Ten Reasons to Have a Garbage Disposal Installed


Reading Plumber No matter which side of the global warming debate you fall on one thing can be agreed upon, we all need to do our part to preserve the earth. There are many ways of going about this but we are going to focus on one, a garbage disposal unit. In the U.S., they occupy around fifty percent of homes. If you happen to be one of the other fifty percent on the fence, here are ten reasons as to why you should get a garbage disposal unit installed.

Cleaner Home

First reason is a garbage disposal will improve the sanitation of your home. Less food scraps in the garbage leads to less pests, less bacteria build up and less plastic bags used. Second reason is faster, efficient cleaning. Sink full of dishes with food can be scraped into the drain as you wash. Third reason is it provides an alternative to composting. Composting is great, but not for everyone, especially busy people.

Environmental Impact

Garbage trucks and other big trucks emit a lot of pollution. Food scraps can attribute to up to 20% of household waste. If more goes down the garbage disposal it can begin to cut down on food scraps in landfills. This leads us to reason five, a reduction in greenhouse gasses from landfills. When food scraps decompose, they emit methane, which is more potent than the other baddy of a greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide. Reason six is, a garbage disposal will break food down to 70% water and can then use existing infrastructure to treat it.

Speaking of Methane

These facilities can capture the methane gas emitted from the food scraps and use that power to generate electrical energy or power. It could power the facility that is treating the water. With all of the methane that can be captured from these facilities, the need for pulling carbon out of the ground decreases. Reason nine is bio solids. Bio solids are organic waste broken down during treatment. It can then be used to make fertilizer. The last reason for a garbage disposal is the satisfaction that you are doing your part to preserve the earth we all live in.

If you’re interested in getting a garbage disposal unit, contact your local plumber and set up a consultation. The install takes no longer than a couple hours and your plumber will be able to assess what mods might be needed for your unit, or if you need additional wiring for power. Reading Garbage Disposal Services

A plumber’s knowledge of these matters will help in avoiding pitfalls and additional costs. Find a plumber in your area and get started today with preserving our earth for generations.


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