If You Can’t Feel the Heat, Call Us!

If You Can’t Feel the Heat, Call Us!

Signs Your Heating Unit Needs a Tune-Up


Reading Heating While many people neglect to have their furnaces or heating units serviced on a regular basis, this can be a serious problem. Over time, furnaces and other heating units can develop a number of problems that can cause them to not work properly.

Understanding some of the signs of heating system issues can help homeowners to know when it is time for a furnace tune-up.

Increased Energy Use

Heating units need periodic service to keep them running efficiently. Over time, parts can become dirty or worn and settings can go out of adjustment. Any of these problems can cause the unit to use more energy than it did when it was new.

If a homeowner notices that his or her HVAC unit is using more energy than in past years, the unit likely needs a tune-up to get it back to its previous level of energy efficiency. In addition to noting an increase in their energy bills, homeowners should also be aware of rattles coming from the ductwork. Rattling ductwork is generally leaking and should be repaired to prevent the loss of heated air and increased energy use.

Ignition Problems

Any furnace that is exhibiting ignition problems needs to have a tune-up. Whether the furnace is an older style that has a pilot light or a more modern one with an igniter, a furnace with an ignition problem may be unsafe.

A homeowner should call for service if he or she notices that the pilot light is yellow, larger or smaller than normal or is simply not staying lit. Furnaces with an igniter that is not working properly may quickly cycle on and off at times. This cycling may indicate that the gas is not being ignited and that the furnace needs serviced to remedy the problem.

Fumes / Smells

Though it was common for older heating systems to emit a smell, this is no longer the case. Modern units are designed to contain and exhaust any fumes that are produced. If a homeowner notices exhaust fumes or other smells, he or she should schedule a tune-up immediatelyReading Heater Maintenance

In most cases, smells are emitted due to dust or other debris becoming hot. In addition to creating a smell, the dust built up in the unit may create a fire hazard. Exhaust fumes indicate a leak or a clog in the vent. If a unit is causing fumes or other smells, it needs a tune-up to correct the problem.

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