Keep Your Allergies in Check This Spring

Keep Your Allergies in Check This Spring

Ways To Allergy Proof Your Home


Reading AirA growing number of people are finding that they are developing the symptoms of allergen issues year round.

Many indoor allergens are beginning to cause more and more allergic reactions every year. There are ways that one can take to remove a bulk of these allergens from their indoor spaces and make it easier to breath.

Start With The Simple

One really simple way to reduce the allergens in your indoor spaces is to switch from cottons and down in bedding and throw pillows to synthetic materials.

The feathers in such items as pillows and comforters can cause breathing issues and make asthma worse.

Flooring Issues

Rugs can also take a toll on allergies. High pile carpeting and carpeting that cannot be consistently cleaned can build up dirt and dust that make allergies flare and get worse. To prevent these issues from arising, keep flooring to linoleum or hardwood floors. T

o add the warmth of a carpet, make them smaller throw rugs that can be cleaned on a normal basis.

Make It Tidy

Those cute little collectibles can cause allergies to flair.

It is not the actual item, rather it is the dust that collects on them. Keeping the number of knick knacks to a minimum allows for a cleaner environment free from the dust that can cause allergic flare ups.

Reading Air Quality


If the individual has really serious allergies and has pates, they may want to consider finding that furry friend a new home.

If this is not possible, or the individual simply does not want to part with their furry friend, there are ways that fido can stay.

One thing that can be done is baths. Wash the cat or dog on a weekly basis to keep the dander down. Brush them regularly, for the shedding can also cause issues for people with allergies.

Also consider keeping the furry friend somewhere other than the bedroom.

Try keeping them in a room with hardwood or linoleum flooring that will be easy to clean.

Filter It

Another way the indoor allergens can be kept to a minimum is using an air filter. there are many good HEPA filters for air purification systems that can remove almost all allergens from the indoor environment.

This can make it possible to keep beloved pets, as well as be able to breath easier in the home.

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