Go Green, Save Green!

Go Green, Save Green!

Making Your Plumbing System More Efficient


Brenham PlumberBy making your plumbing more efficient, you stand to save a substantial amount of money each year. This is not about one change that will save a few bucks, this is about making multiple changes and not only saving money, but helping to preserve the limited resources we have. Here are a few tips for making your plumbing system more efficient by reducing water usage.

Installing Low Flow Toilets

Low flow toilets look exactly like traditional toilets. In fact, they are difficult to tell from the older style toilets because they have been modernized in a way that they are virtually impossible to detect.

The real difference however is in the amount of water used each time the toilet is flushed. Even a reduction of a few gallons each flush, with a family of four, can amount in a reduction of water use each day by a few dozen gallons. Multiply that by a year and you can imagine the savings to your water bill.

Sealing Up Those Leaks

A dripping faucet might not seem like a tremendous deal, but every drop that goes down the drain is gone, wasted, and with limited resources, it could be better used elsewhere. Multiple leaking sinks in a home could not only be costing you money each day, you are wasting water that is desperately needed elsewhere.

First try to tighten the connections in the faucet, they see if the rubber rings need replacing. Check the pipes too, if they are dripping, the fix can either be tightening, sealing, or replacing worn out connections between the pipes. Your local plumbing company can quickly repair any leaking pipes for you if you do not have the tools.

Consider a Tankless Water HeaterReading Water Conservation

Traditional water heaters are not only energy wasters, they can contaminate the water more easily, requiring you to flush dozens of gallons to clean the tank on a regular basis. The tankless water heater stores no water, it only heats the water instantly when needed.

This reduces any mineral deposits in the water, reduces your energy consumption, and you will never have to waste hundreds of gallons of water each year flushing out the large tank to remove all the hard water deposits.

Your local plumbing company can install the new tankless water heater under a sink, on a wall in the garage, or anywhere a water source is close.

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