Are You Guilt of These 5 Plumbing Don’ts?

Are You Guilt of These 5 Plumbing Don’ts?

5 Plumbing Myths Debunked

Reading PlumberThe easy way to negotiate around all the myths, misconceptions and outright lies about what people know or think they know about the plumbing business can drive you nuts. The fact is, to really know what actually works in terms of solving minor or major problems as far as the plumbing in your home is concerned is to simply ask your local plumbing company professional.

The Biggest Myths About Plumbing!

* Myth number one:

is probably the most prevalent myth still alive and well in most every home in America and is supported by a nearly perfect marketing program. You know it by the name: liquid drain cleaner. The plain fact is that no matter how you slice it, liquid drain cleaner does NOT dissolve solids.

Liquid drain cleaners are nothing more than a highly caustic liquid that sooner or later will eat away at the piping in your home. It will also cause your pipes to become weak and even crack and leak. Got a clogged drain that your useless plunger can’t fix? Call your local plumbing company, pronto.

* Myth number two:

is the old trick of placing a “brick” in your toilet tank. Whomever told you that story must have owned a brick factory. And you won’t save money on your water bill. This is a nice concept but the fact remains a brick will breakdown over time and the loose sediment can eventually damage your toilet components.

* Myth number three:

Reading Plumbing Myths

is that a noisy water heater means that your heater is going to explode and deposit your house into your neighbors yard. A little noise is normal and usually caused by sediment that has built up at the bottom. Have your plumber check or replace your tank if it’s seen its days.

* Myth number four:

suggests you can put any food down your garbage disposal; wrong! It’s not a garbage can. Seeds, banana peels, eggshells, are harmful to the disposal unit. Rice and pasta can also absorb water and bloat in your pipes.

* Myth number five:

says lemons and other citrus fruits are perfect for your garbage disposal. This is a bogus suggestion. This stuff may provide a pleasant odor in the kitchen, but damage the metal components that make up your disposal. And, don’t run water while the disposal is operating while tossing in your waste. Plus, to clean your disposal, use ice or mild soap.

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