Keep These Things Out of Your Pipes!

Keep These Things Out of Your Pipes!

What Not to Flush

Reading PlumberAs professional plumbers, we see everything. We see things from the basic to the most disgusting things you could imagine. Believe us, our clients flush some pretty disgusting things down the pipes. We are here to stop this madness. Here is a small list of what needs to stop going down the drain.


Flushable wipes are not safe. We don’t care what sites tell you otherwise. We are here to tell you, as professionals, stop doing this. These wipes are not “septic safe.” Bandages are not biodegradable. These are not meant to dissolve down the pipes. This is one of the things we end up fishing out. Just throw them in the trash, Just because it looks like paper and feels recyclable, doesn’t mean it is.

Hair is going to clog things up. A few small strands are not a big deal. Large amounts are another story. We have clients cutting their hair and flushing it. Please don’t do this. Floss is another issue. It might look harmless, but it isn’t. Floss will end up getting linked with other things. Just a few strands of floss will cause your pipes to clog up in no time. Toss it in the trash.


Tampons and pads are another thing. We have our women clients constantly doing this. No matter how much we try to tell them otherwise, they will not listen. Maybe you guys will. Stop flushing your pads down the toilet. Your toilet is not a happy camper when this is done.

Paper towels are another issue. Our clients seem to think that paper towels are just like toilet paper. They are completely different animals. Toilet paper was designed for the toilet, hence the name. Paper towels were meant to be thrown in the trash. These are not recyclable either.


Think about what cotton balls do. Cotton will absorb the water and expand. This is not something you want to have happen in your pipes. It’s the same deal as the paper towels. If you are doing either, please stop. Your toilet will thank you for it later.


Your toilet will be much happier if you take the above tips to heart. If there is a problem though, you need to call us. Our number is in the bottom link, so is our home page. Give us a call today.

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