Perfect Thermostat Settings for Savings Year-Round

Perfect Thermostat Settings for Savings Year-Round

Ideal Thermostat Settings for Every Season

Reading Thermostat SettingsMany who live in this country are the beneficiaries of “four seasons”. You know, spring, summer, fall and winter. And using just a dab of common sense, one would think that there would probably be thermostat adjustments for each season. However, if you lived or still reside in the states of Alaska and Arizona your thermostat setting adjustments pretty much hang around heat for Alaska and cool for Arizona and let it go at that.

Thermostat Recommendation Reasoning And Why!

One simple solution for managing your heating and cooling systems is to adjust your thermostat settings according to your habits and preference. Look folks, if you have more than one person in your home or business, you can’t please everyone.

So smart thinking is to figure out what settings will provide the most comfort and be cost efficient for your family and bank account – think: saving money on your utility bills. Using fans in summer, even if you have AC, works. Oh sure, it won’t be the “real thing” like a blast from your AC unit, but circulating cool air makes it feel cooler. Actually, using your AC along with your fans in the summer means you can set the thermostat higher than normal to save energy.

Recommended Thermostat Settings!

The department of energy suggests the following settings during summer and winter:

* 78 degrees or warmer while you are home.

* 85 degrees or off while you or any family members are not a home.

* 68 degrees or cooler while you are home.

* 55 degrees or cooler at night or while nobody is home.

Note: The above settings will not be applicable if you live in parts of Alaska and Arizona.

The Simple Solution To Saving Energy!Reading Cooling

Having a programmable thermostat in your home or business will cancel all the frustration and arguments from family members or office workers. This unit will let you run a scheduled heating and cooling program without having to remember to manage all the changes throughout the day.

If you purchase the right programmable thermostat you’ll be able to adjust the temperature in your property a minimum of six or more times per day plus it can adjust to a hold or turn off setting, too. To save even more on utility bills you can, if you wish, adjust the thermostat anytime your home or business is vacant for four or more hours per day.

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