Keep Your Cooling System Up to Date

Keep Your Cooling System Up to Date

Top 5 Heating and Air Trends for 2015


Keeping your HVAC units happy is no easy task. Just one thing can cause the unit to get all fussy. Below are a few tips from us to you. These are tips which can hopefully extend the life of your HVAC units.

1) Keep the thermostat in check. Usually the temperature should be about 78 degrees. If you are going to be out for more then four hours, lower it. Keep your thermostat at about 68 degrees. Once you return, you can put it back to normal.

2) At night, try to keep the hot and cold air on low. Sometimes when you keep the air at bay, your costs will go down. If it’s cold out, try adding an extra blanket or two. Keep the air on low and cuddle up with the blankets. You’d be amazed at how much your costs will go down.

3) Pay attention to the filters. The filter is the biggest issue you will have. Over time it will clog up. Over time it will get filled with dirt and debris. Clean it out at least once a month. The more you use the unit, the more you will have to clean it out. Cleaning it out has another benefit. It will help the air to flow through that much cleaner and efficiently. Reading AIR conditioning

4) Pay attention to when you are using the unit. Some say that keeping the air on 24/7 will be more efficient. This answer usually involves a yes and no answer. It all depends. If you don’t need to keep the air on, hot or cold, leave it off. This is just another way you can reduce your costs.

5)Always bare in mind that during the hot months the bill will go up. It happens to everyone, regardless if where a customer lives. Please keep this in mind when adjusting the temp. During the colder months the bill is going to be very low. During the hot moths the bill is going be more expensive. As mentioned before, if you can live without the air, do so. You also might try opening up the front doors. Turn off the air and allow the fresh air to come in. This will also keep the energy levels down.

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