Saving on Cooling Costs Can Be Simple!

Saving on Cooling Costs Can Be Simple!

5 Unexpected Ways to Save On Cooling Costs

Reading Energy EfficiencyKeeping your home cooling costs down this year will keep money in your pocket and reduce the strain of the natural resources of the planet. The less energy you need, the less resources are required to produce that energy, and in the end everyone will benefit. Consider these 5 unexpected ways to save on cooling costs this summer.

1. Raise the Thermostat

While you might not think raising the thermostat a few degrees will make that big a difference, try it for a month and then look at your electric bill. A few degrees can have a huge impact on how many additional hours the cooling system will have to run to keep the house at a desired temperature. Try keeping the thermostat set now lower than 78 degrees in the summer.

2. Darken the Rooms

When one room in the house is exposed to direct sunlight, it can warm up the house quite easily. Any rooms that have direct sunlight should be closed with either blinds or room darkening curtains. This reduces the temperature in that room significantly and will allow the entire house to stay cooler for longer periods of time.

3. Preventative Maintenance

Call your local cooling repair company and allow them to perform a maintenance check on the entire HVAC system. They will lubricate all moving parts and clean any areas where dirt and debris are causing air flow issues. The technician can quickly spot small problems long before they have the opportunity to turn to full-scale emergencies.

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4. Check For Leaks

The air vents that carry treated air to the house can leak from the air vents if they are not sealed properly. Even a small leak is light paying to cool air that is escaping into the attic and through the roof. Duct tape works great at sealing any obvious signs of leaks in the air duct system.

5. Programmable Thermostat

Rather than raise and lower the setting on the thermostat, purchase a programmable one and you will never have to worry again about setting the air temperature inside. It can be programmed to change during the day or night, while you are home or at work, or even when you are away for an extended time like on a vacation. The eventual savings will pay for this unit in less than a years time.

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