Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Unique Ways to Clean and Sanitize Your Indoor Air

Reading CoolingAir is a vital element in life not only of human beings but also of any living creature. Without air no living thing can exist. Contaminated air makes life uncomfortable and may cause serious diseases such as lung cancer and asthma when inhaled.

Clean indoor air is paramount just as it is outdoor air. For healthy living, efforts to maintain clean indoor air should not be spared. Unlike outdoors, indoor air is confined in a room, and hence it must be kept as clean as possible.

Indoor factors that promote clean indoor air

Having a well ventilated room is one way of keeping indoor air clean. A well ventilated room supports a good inflow and outflow of air hence creating a good balance between the two. If the indoor air is contaminated, ventilations will allow it out and it will be replaced by the incoming clean outdoor air.

In extension factors such as temperature and humidity should be maintained in a rate that is favors clean air indoors. The range of temperature should not be that high to make the air too hot to breath. Use of air conditioners which work to harmonize the temperature levels indoors is advisable.

Too humid air is also not pleasant in the indoors since it may cause fever. The temperature and humidity levels should be

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controlled to levels that keep the air clean and at a stable state for breathing.

Occupied areas should also be regularly cleaned and good housing practices that foster clean air be maintained.

Maintenance of indoor machines

Machines which are used indoors such as copier machines, paper shredders’ and other machine that may produce significant emissions, hence polluting indoor air, should be maintained well to ensure they are in a good state that perpetuate clean air indoors.

The machines can also be separated from occupied spaces and air intake points. They should be hosted in a place that is spacious a bit, far from where people live. The room windows should remain open to allow smooth flow of air.

Controlling outdoor factors that may affect indoor air

Factors such as construction operations in nearby sites may pollute the indoor air; hence the operation should be controlled to ensure that it does not affect peoples’ indoor air.

Sources of biological and chemical contamination near a living or a working place should be controlled to ensure they don’t affect indoor air.

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