Does Your Reading Home Have a Secret Leak? Here are Some Tips to Finding It

Does Your Reading Home Have a Secret Leak? Here are Some Tips to Finding It

Five Signs You Have a Hidden Leak

Keeping a well maintained house is a top priority for homeowners and renters alike. Keeping up to date with all your fixtures is crucial for proper functionality in the home and in the office. Even if everything appears A-Okay, there could still be underlying issues you haven’t noticed yet.

Reading Leak Repair Services

Does your water bill seems higher than usual? There might be a sneaky leak lurking in your fine establishment. Plumbing problems will often expose themselves in other ways than a noisy drip. Here are five signs that you may have a hidden leak:.

Damaged Paint or Wallpaper

If you’ve ever looked up at your ceiling and noticed strips of paint bubbling out or wallpaper beginning to peel, that’s a tell-tale sign of a leak.

Damaged or Stained Walls

Is there any yellow or brownish discoloration on your walls? That’s another indicator that a leak has sprung.

Funky Smell

Leaking water begins to fester and rot your pipes and creates a damp or musty smell. Follow your nose if this is the case!


It’s normal to have some mildew stains near water openings, such as the shower or sink, but if you start to see mildew or mold creeping up on other areas, it’s more than likely a well-hidden leak.

Curling floors

Vinyl floors are meant to stay put. When you start to notice the edges curling up, it’s time for someone to take a closer inspection.

Even if there are no visible signs of hidden leaks, don’t take any chances. Being consistently aware of your water meter readings is a smart way to stay on top of your plumbing issues.

Here’s what to do: You’ll need to stop using all of your water, locate your water meter and find the current number. Jot it down somewhere and give it a good three hours, sans water, before checking it again. Has that number increased? You have a leak!

It is vitally important that you get any leaks fixed before they get out of hand. Even the smallest leak can end up destroying your Reading home or business. Don’t let hidden leaks drown you in worry and debt, let a professional handle all your plumbing needs. Save time and money now!

Don’t let water destroy your Reading home. Call The Plumbing Works at 610-929-8860 today, and get that leak repaired now!