Broken HVAC Unit? Here’s Why

Broken HVAC Unit? Here’s Why

Top Causes of a Broken HVAC Unit

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) is a system is of pipes and vents designed to manage the indoor temperatures of a building. Some problems with your HVAC Unit seem to pop up more often than others. Sometimes it could be a sweltering day, and you want to blow hot air, but unfortunately you are unable because of a broken HVAC unit in your Reading home.

Reading Cooling Repair ServicesThere are four most common issues with an HVAC unit that you ought to know. Perhaps, their solutions are similar as well. For your comfort and that of your family, the HVAC needs to be functioning properly.

In the HVAC heating, ventilation and cooling elements combine efforts to regulate the temperatures of the room. Here are the top five causes of a broken HVAC Unit:

You May Have A Dirty Air Filter

Those filters bought for a buck or two are disposable, and as such they should be changed after every month. However, your filter could still be dirty and still work well. Beware that it may cause stress in the functioning of the system. Keeping such a filter can cause your system to wear prematurely, and thus force you to incur an extra expense.

Improperly Balanced Dampers May Be The Cause

There is a series of ducts that the air passes through before reaching the appropriate destination. In the ducts, is a damper that regulates the air flowing through the pipes. In case your room cools down or heats much faster than others, then the problem is that your dampers are not balanced.

If the dampers balance, then they will reduce the airflow, and thus allow more conditioned air to flow to other parts of the home. If you manage to find the right balance for the dampers, then the flow of air to every room of your house will be well-conditioned.

A Potential Cause: Leaking Refrigerant

This problem has more to with the cooling units. A condenser unit usually requires a liquid refrigerant to cool the air coming into your home. If the group lacks enough refrigerant, then it will malfunction and produce warm air instead of cold air. This problem may leave the inside of your house too hot and cause the condenser to work overtime leading to more problems.

A Tripped Breaker May Be The Cause

A tripped breaker can cause condenser or the furnace to stop responding entirely. It is important to note that breakers do not trip easily if this happens you need to go for professional service. Proper care of the HVAC system can help you keep your energy costs down. So keep track of your filters every 30 days to avoid the mess.

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