Your Failed Furnace

Your Failed Furnace

Burning Furnace Smell

For the most part, furnaces are reliable and work well. However, if you notice that your Reading furnace is putting out a burning odor, there are several reasons why it happens. One reason is that the windings on the motor are short circuiting. Turning off the circuit breaker or unplugging it is the only way to protect your family and home from your furnace catching fire.

Your Transformer could be the Problem

Another reason is the transformer. Transformers in a furnace are very sensitive to short circuits. When burnt, the transformer smells sickly sweet. Keep in mind; the furnace will not function but the furnace fan motor will run on low speed until the power is disconnected.

furnace-repair-servicesProper Maintenance is Important

Another reason why your furnace has a burning odor is because it has not been properly maintained. Dirt, pollen and other debris can build up in the furnace and when the burners are on, it can give off a terrible odor. Keep in mind; if an object is placed against the furnace, a problem can occur, especially if the object is flammable such as an oily rag.

Blower Malfunction is another Cause

Blower malfunction is still another reason why you may notice a strange odor. Many Reading homes often store household items in the furnace area such as seasonal decorations and if they get close to the pilot light of your furnace, a fire could occur. All combustible material should be kept away from the furnace.

The blower on your furnace is prone to break down now and then. The blower provides a dual purpose. It puts out warm air throughout your home and it also keeps the inside temperature of the furnace from getting out of hand. The furnace could overheat and cause a burning smell, if the blower stops working.

Some may not know it but an oil furnace could give off an oily odor when the oil filter is clogged. Of course, if this happens, call your heating and cooling professional as soon as possible!

To conclude, most of the time our furnaces work well; however, there are times when a furnace will put out a burning odor. Because there are several reasons why this happens, your furnace should be checked out by a professional heating and cooling company. Don’t let this heating problem go by the wayside. Have it checked out before it becomes a serious health hazard!

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