Just How You Like It

Just How You Like It

How to Keep the Temperature Consistent from Room to Room

If you find yourself regularly walking to your thermostat to make an adjustment to the temperature in your Kernersville home, you are in good company. Many people adjust the thermostat based on which room of the home they are in, and this is because there is considerable temperature differential in some homes from room to room.

If this is the case in your own home, you may be struggling to find an effective solution that will help you to save energy and make your home more comfortable. After all, temperature adjustments to the thermostat can result in the expensive and unnecessary waste of electricity. These are a few wonderful ideas to consider to improve the situation in your home.

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Identify the Cause of the Issue

There are numerous causes of temperature inconsistencies in homes. For example, some temperature inconsistencies are caused by poor insulation in the walls or by areas in the walls where insulation has shifted or been eaten by pests.

Other temperature inconsistencies are caused by leaks in the air ducts. Everything from a stray nail to damage from pests can result in a small tear, and even a small gap in the air ducts can allow a significant amount of climate-controlled air to escape into the interior wall gaps and attic.

This means that the air is not able to travel to the area where you need it to be. These are only some of the many problems that may be causing your issue, and an HVAC technician will be able to inspect your heating and cooling system, insulation and ducts to determine what is causing the issue.

Resolve Your Challenges

After your heating and cooling technician has inspected your Kernersville home and has provided you with more insight regarding the cause of temperature inconsistencies in your home, you can take the appropriate steps to resolve the issue. For example, additional insulation can be added to the walls and ceilings, or the issues with the ducts can be repaired. In addition, opening your doors and turning on ceiling fans can promote superior air circulation, and this can be highly effective at decreasing inconsistencies.

Set Up Your Appointment

The first step to take to resolve your challenges is to set up an inspection appointment with a skilled heating and cooling specialist. By calling an HVAC provider and setting up an appointment with a technician today, your problems with temperature inconsistencies in the home may soon be a thing of the past.

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