Find Out the News on the Latest Toilet Technologies

Find Out the News on the Latest Toilet Technologies

The Latest Toilet Technologies

Bathrooms are no longer just lavatories. They are changing to make the world a better place for you. You can be the king of your Reading castle, and you have the power to make a bathroom of your dreams.

Reading, PA Toilet-TechnologiesCheck out these new styles that have taken boredom and simplicity to an exotic level while they have designed a customized toilet just for you:

Enjoy a Low-Flow With Extras

If you are earth-friendly, you are choosing green solutions. A low-flow, tank-less one piece toilet can be the one for you. It takes 1.6 gallons of water for a flush, and it operates with a smart sensor remote.

Sign up for one with a seat-warmer unit and a water massage. Who needs a spa? A warm air dryer makes the experience hands-free, while a deodorizing function is activated by your body weight.

Monitor Your Health Concerns

Step into your home bathroom and allow your toilet to analyze your urine temperature. The right model could display your body temperature if you’re worried that you are getting a cold. How about your hormone balance or your blood pressure? No problem. Your new toilet can supply the data that you require.

Work Uninterrupted

If you hate to leave the addictive glow of your computer screen, there is a toilet for you. Buy a customized model and enjoy a 21-inch flat screen monitor attached to your Reading home toilet.

A swivel arm swings out when the toilet is in use. Any stray spray from flushing never reaches the screen due to the proximity sensor. Check up on your health with web-based dietary recommendations.

Meditate To Music

Yes, that’s right. Your bathroom has the option of being your quiet place for meditation. Luxuriate on a model with an integrated stereo speaker, and allow yourself to relax to the fantasy strains of Bach, Chopin or Mendelsohn.

Let the additional bowl nightlight cast a soft glow for your navigational convenience; ultimately, searching for the light switch is no longer necessary.

To upgrade your bathroom with the latest in toilet technologies, call The Plumbing Works in your Reading, PA area at (610) 929-8860 and experience a bathroom utopia.