6 Ways to Spruce Up Your Home Before the 4th of July

6 Ways to Spruce Up Your Home Before the 4th of July

6 Home Improvement Projects to do Before the 4th of July

sparklerThe 4th of July is less than a month away and with the festivities, we usher in summer. Get your home ready for this season by giving your residence an upgrade with some simple improvement projects.

After a cold winter, it’s time to get into a happier, brighter disposition and there’s no better place to start than in the place you call home.

There are a few simple, affordable changes one can make to improve the home and bring in the warmer times.

Change in temperature in the summertime necessitates small transformations around the home. Keep your abode light and airy just by altering a few things to shake off the winter blues and bring in the summer sun.

Listed below are some simple home improvement projects you could do before celebrating Independence Day.

1) Paint changes everything.

It is always better to start from the inside of the home, working from the inside out. Give your home a vibrant new look for the new season. A fresh coat of paint on the door could give your home a new look.

Light summery colors like mint green could make your guests feel more welcome as they come into your home. If you are afraid to commit to bright colors, a few accents scattered throughout your house could also make a meaningful impact.

2) Clean the deck.

cleaning a deck jpgThey say cleanliness is next to Godliness, and a little summer cleaning can uplift your home and compound.

After the winter’s snow has melted away, your deck could benefit from some maintenance. If your known to host the summer’s family gatherings and late night parties, keeping your deck clean is a sure way to keep your guests happy in a comfortable environment.

To make an easy job of the task, get a power washer from your nearest hardware shop and blast the deck to ensure you get rid of all the dirt gathered over the last few months.

3) Love your lawn.

With the hot summer days fast approaching, there is nothing more satisfactory than planting some flowers and herbs in the garden and watching them grow. Even though you may not have been blessed with a green thumb, a visit to your local garden supplies store could help you stock up on all the provisions you would need to love your lawn.

lawn care tipsA small garden patch is considerably easy to create, and you could get the children involved. It is best to shy away from flowers and vegetable varieties that require a lot of attention and care.

Your time is better spent focusing more on those that require little to no effort. Select an area to concentrate your gardening efforts and dig in.

4) Peep at your pipes.

The harsh, damp winter could have caused your gardening pipes to rust. After the end of the cold dark season, it is time to check on your pipes ensuring that they are still in good condition. If you plan on planting some roses or creating a vegetable garden in your backyard, water will be vital to the survival of your plants.

If you do find holes or rust in your gardening hose, it is important to replace them immediately to avoid contaminating the water with particles from the oxidized metal.

5) Treat your windows well.

Install exterior window shutters to upgrade the look and feel of your home. New shutters, painted in just the right coat of paint could elevate the look of your home. You could buy pre-made shutters that only require you to put them up.

However, it is easier to get professionally installed shutters to ensure you get excellent quality in the finished product. A cheaper option could be replacing your door and window screens.

Shutters and screens help allow free air flow within the home, regulating temperatures in the house. It makes it easy to keep cool and enjoy a summer’s breeze even in the night when you have shutters or screens. It reduces the chances of overworking the air conditioning as you enjoy a cool breeze.

6) Get your HVAC unit checked.

As the sweltering heat comes in the summertime, ensure your home is comfortable, and you can keep cool throughout the hottest months of the year. Get your air conditioning unit checked to ensure your ventilation keeps your home breezy. Contacting your local HVAC Company before the official start of the summer could save you money and lots of hustle.

Home improvement is a great way to revamp the place you call home. Ensure your home is comfortable and a sanctuary from the scorching heat in the summer time by ensuring your HVAC unit is in its best condition. For Reading, PA, call The Plumbing Works at (610) 929-8860 to get your unit serviced before summer.