4 Tips to Stay Warm this Winter

4 Tips to Stay Warm this Winter

4 Tips to Stay Warm this Winter

winterize_your_homeAs the winter chill sets in, no doubt you are looking for ways to keep cozy and warm this winter. Truthfully, there is more to being warm when you are inside than simply turning on the furnace.

Whether you are environmentally conscious, budget conscious or both, you should proactively manage how effectively your home’s heating. You may be wasting energy and money and not even realize it. Ready to create the ultimate warm haven in your home this winter? Follow these 4 tips.

1.    Schedule a Heating Tune Up

You bring your car in for maintenance to make sure that it is running at its best, right? The same principle applies to your home heating systems. Bring in a professional to change your filter and clean and inspect all the components.

This will support your system to be energy efficient, which translates into cost savings for you. Additionally, it will help identify smaller problems before they become bigger and more costly to fix.

2.    Install a Humidifier

humidifier_staywarm_winterThe benefit of turning your furnace on is that you warm your home comfortably. One drawback with that infusion of heat is that the air inside your home can be extremely dry during the winter, irritating your skin and hair, and causing problems for wood floors.

One great way to reintroduce moisture back into your home is to install a whole-home humidifier. Additionally, this type of system is more convenient, because it is centralized.

3.    Upgrade Your Home’s Thermostat

A fantastic way to save money is to install a programmable thermostat. This lets you control the level of heat required in your home, based on the season, whether people are at home or not and whether people are active or at rest. It’s an essential tool in home heating energy efficiency.

4.    Winterize Your Home

There are a number of simple, but highly effective steps that you can take to winterize your home, making it airtight.

To start, check out your windows, which are often the site for the most heat loss in your home. Fix any cracks in the seals with caulking. For extra energy efficiency, apply a window film, creating an additional barrier to keep the warm air from escaping and the cool air from creeping in. Make sure that your chimney flue is closed when you’re not using the fireplace.

For many more helpful hints to heat your home this winter, give The Plumbing Works in Reading, PA a call at (610)-929-8860. We’d love to hear from you.