Discover Info about This Year’s Fall Checklist

Discover Info about This Year’s Fall Checklist

Discover Info about This Year’s Fall Checklist


Although summer may look an ideal home improvement season, you’ll be surprised as this home maintenance checklist schedule suggests that fall is the best time when it comes to maintaining your home.

These tasks can be easily done, and you don’t need to be a professional plumbing expert in Reading, PA to get things done. Check out this list to learn more about some easy tasks that could save you hundreds of dollars on your energy bills as well as prevent any potential problems.

Your Home’s Exterior

· Drafts around Windows and Doors

If you haven’t installed new energy efficient windows, pay special attention to drafts around the doors and windows. Replace or add caulk or worn weather stripping in these areas.

· Water Lines

Look at the water lines and plumbing pipes particularly those on exterior walls. Ensure that they are insulated to avoid leaks and frozen pipes this winter. Also, cleaning all water lines can remove clogs which cause backups that can result in weak pipes bursting.

· Water Hoses

Detach all outdoor hoses and drain any water in them before the first freeze. Close the interior shut off valves and drain the outdoor faucets to prevent frozen pipes during the cold season.

· Gutters

Autumn is marked by dead leaves. These leaves can fast accumulate, leading to blocked gutters. Failure to clean the gutters can cause backups, or worse, ice dams. Get a ladder and carefully clean the gutters. Alternatively, you can hire a professional to do it.

Your Home’s Interior

· Drain the Water Heater

Draining sediment buildup from the water heater can improve your water heater’s efficiency by over 50%. When checking your plumbing, drain and flush the heater to encourage durability as well as increase efficiency.

· Interior Shutoff

Your home may have an interior shut-off valve that is connected to the exterior faucets and plumbing lines. Shut them off and open the exterior faucet valve to make sure that no remaining water could freeze.

· Water Heater

As winter first approaches, your heater will be working harder to provide you with the same level of hot water. Flushing your water heater removes all the stuck up sediment which blocks proper heat transfer. This increases the efficiency of your water heater.

Getting Expert Help

While do-it-yourself could save you both time and money, there are cases where the tasks involved require professional expertise and tools. These may include;

· HVAC Maintenance

Improper maintenance is a leading cause of emergency service calls answered by heating specialists. Getting your furnace inspected and tuned up is critical as it helps to avoid a breakdown during winter.

· Air Ducts

Your ducts collect dust and debris all summer. Hire an expert to use negative pressure to clean out your ducts as this ensures that your heated air is breathable and clean.

Moreover, you get to cut down on asthma attacks and allergy. Preparing for winter doesn’t have to be dreadful. These tasks will help you prepare your plumbing systems for the cold season.