A Plumbing Superhero Is Your Best Line of Defense Against The Villainous Threat Of Unclean Water

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A Plumbing Superhero Is Your Best Line of Defense Against The Villainous Threat Of Unclean Water

A Plumbing Superhero Is Your Best Line of Defense Against The Villainous Threat Of Unclean Water

It is the job of a plumber to bring safe water to all, including the citizens of Reading PA and in this era of drought, sudden storms and then flooding, people are more at risk than ever for diseases contracted from unclean water.

It is up to a plumbing superhero to save you from threats like:

Stomach Pain Sick1. Protozoa and amoeba that get into your water and cause mysterious digestive upsets.

2. Bacteria and viruses that cause very serious diseases and infections such as dysentery, cholera, SARS, HIV, typhoid, E.coli and other diseases.

3. Lead from old city pipes that leaches into your water and causes bleeding gums and liver toxicity.

4. Mold and mildew that gets into the water and causes severe allergic reactions such as respiratory distress and hives.

5. Chemicals from industrial and agricultural waste that is not properly filtered out of the water causing all manner of afflictions including cancer.

6. Hormonal disruptions occur as the result of medications being flushed down or excreted into the water system.

Your local plumber is a superhero because he or she knows how to nip these problems in the bud before they cause a chronic health problem or even a fatality.

How Plumbers Prevent Health Issues From Unclean Water

Safe Drinking WaterOne of the main ways that plumbers prevent contaminated waters from causing health issues is to install devices that prevent water backflow from contaminating the water in your pipes.

Most homes have these devices installed already, but they can wear out with time. A licensed plumber can test your water for purity and then make recommendations as to how you can retain water integrity.

Plumbers can also install carbon filters or reverse osmosis filters at the water supply’s point of entry in your home as well as sterilize the water with UV light that kills off protozoa.

Sediment traps can also be installed to catch fine fibers or dirt that might be making its way into your home’s water supply.

How Practicing Water Conservation Helps Superheroes Do Their Job

Water ConservationWhen you practice water conservation, you become accountable for what happens in your home and also end up with less of a mess if your home does happen to experience an emergency flood.

Low flow appliances have secure water valves and turn-off knobs that are easy to locate, preventing high flooding.

Households with low-flow appliances and fixtures simply do not flood as badly because there is less water sitting in the pipes.

This allows the plumber to focus on finding the source of the problem, instead of helping you mop up the mess.

It is especially important that you have these measures installed in a home where there are babies, small children and elderly people as their systems are unable to deal with some of the health threats that dirty water poses to them.