Your Summer Plumbing Checklist

Your Summer Plumbing Checklist

We often dive into summer head first, excited to take vacation, host summer barbecues, plan trips to the pool, and spend time with friends and family. However, your home may not be as ready as you are. The grass is going to rely on your sprinkler system to quench its thirst during the summer heat, and your home’s air conditioning is going to see a lot of usage. As you host parties, barbecues, and sleepovers, your toilet will see more flushes, and your dishes will pile up faster causing you to run the dishwasher more. Don’t forget extra showers after mowing the lawn or playing catch in the yard. Whether we realize it or not, we put a lot of added stress on our homes during the summer months, but don’t fret. The Plumbing Works has put together your home’s summer checklist, so you can get back on track to having fun!

1. Check the Sprinkler System

Sprinklers are known for wasting water as they can spring a leak underground and go undetected. In addition to wracking up your water bill, a bad sprinkler can also kill your grass by not watering it properly. Take the time to inspect the sprinkler head for any leaks or broken pieces at the beginning of the season.

2. Keep Your Cool

Air conditioning units can last a surprisingly long time, 10-15 years, however, to keep them operating for their full lifespan, it’s important to keep up with maintenance. It’s recommended to have your air conditioning unit inspected at least once per year, even if you don’t think anything is wrong. In addition to your yearly inspection, you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for any moisture or leakage around the unit or if you’re hearing unusual sounds you haven’t heard before. These signs can mean your AC system has a serious problem and needs an expert to look at it.

3. Handle Clogs

Hosting parties and barbecues means more activity in your kitchen sink, and hot weather often brings about more frequent showers. With an increase in usage of both the kitchen sink and bathtub, you’ll want to be aware of any clogs in the kitchen sink or bathtub. If you notice the water is taking awhile to go down the drain or begin to notice an unpleasant odor, chances are you have a clog forming. Ridding small clogs is a much easier task than trying to handle a large clog. If you’re unable to remove the clog with hot water or a chemical clog remover, it’s time to call a professional.

4. Check for Leaks

Checking for leaks not only helps your household conserve water, but it also cuts down on your water bill. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, if a household has some kind of water leak, from a running toilet to a dripping faucet, it’ll see a 10% increase on its water bill. To ensure you’re not paying more than you should be, check for any possible leaks. This task may be time consuming, but it’ll be well worth it in the end, and you can enjoy your summer stress-free. Be sure to check all of your faucets, water pipes, water softener, water heater, and outdoor spigots. If you find any leaks in need of repair, your local plumber will be able to help resolve the issue.

5. Test Your Toilet

Your pipes aren’t the only thing capable of going bad and adding to your water bill. Your toilet can also be a culprit for wasting water. To see if your toilet flapper is leaking, put food coloring in the tank. If it leaks to the bowl without flushing, then you probably have a leak on your hands. No need to worry, a call to your local plumber can help fix the problem in no time!

Taking the time to go through your home’s summer checklist can save you from stress and spending more money later in the summer. Nobody wants to get caught in a heat wave without air conditioning, nor do they want to realize they have a leak once their basement is flooded. If you need help going through your home’s summer plumbing checklist, call The Plumbing Works today!