How to Handle Plumbing Repairs in Your Home

How to Handle Plumbing Repairs in Your Home

As a homeowner, you will undoubtedly experience the joys and challenges of owning a home. One of the most important aspects of home ownership is keeping up with all the necessary repairs, particularly when it comes to your home’s plumbing system. While some plumbing issues require the expertise of a professional plumber, such as repairing broken sewer lines, there are fortunately many basic repairs that can be tackled on your own with minimal tools and know-how. Let’s dive a little deeper into both the DIY repairs you can usually handle on your own and those which almost always require the expertise of a certified plumbing professional at The Plumbing Works.

Common DIY Plumbing Issues

There are several at-home plumbing issues that you can fix yourself, saving you time and money. Below are just a few of the most common DIY plumbing repairs:

  • Fixing a Toilet that Keeps Running: A toilet that won’t stop running is a common plumbing problem that wastes water and drives up your water bill. The most likely cause of a running toilet is a faulty flapper valve. The solution is as simple as replacing the valve. Turn off the water, drain the water from the tank, remove the faulty flapper valve, and replace it with a new one.
  • Clearing Backed-up Drains: A clogged drain is a common issue that can be fixed with a few household items. Pour a pot of boiling water into the sink, add half a cup of baking soda, let it sit for a few minutes, and then add one cup of vinegar and one cup of hot water. Cover the drain and let it sit for five to ten minutes. Flush the drain with boiling water, and you’re all set. If this doesn’t work, try a drain snake or call a professional plumber.
  • Unclogging a Toilet: A plunger can usually handle a clogged toilet. Use steady up and down motions to loosen the blockage. If a plunger doesn’t work, try a snake or auger to remove the clog.

Plumbing Repairs for the Experts

While DIY plumbing repairs can save you time and money, some plumbing repair work requires a professional plumber’s expertise. Here are some of the most common plumbing problems that require professional attention:

  • Plumbing Leaks: Even a small leak can cause significant damage over time. If you notice a leak, call a professional plumber right away to assess the situation and prevent further damage.
  • Broken Water Heaters: Replacing a water heater involves complex connections and parts that require professional attention. Call a professional plumber for an accurate replacement recommendation and installation to ensure your family always has hot water.
  • Professional Installations: For any significant appliance or fixture installation, call a professional plumber at The Plumbing Works. One of our licensed team members will be able to safely disconnect and reconnect pipes and troubleshoot any problems that might arise during the process.

Contact The Plumbing Works for your Plumbing Repair Needs

If you’re not sure whether you can handle a plumbing issue on your own, call a licensed plumber from The Plumbing Works in Reading, PA. We offer free estimates and will give you our honest opinion about the extent of the work at hand. And if it’s something that requires a pro, we’ll provide you with a fair estimate to get the job done ASAP. Contact The Plumbing Works today with any plumbing repair questions and you’ll chat with one of our friendly and helpful team members to ensure your home’s plumbing is getting the care it deserves.