Technician checking out a overhead gas furnace in a commercial building.

Why You Should Service Your Furnace

You may be asking yourself, “Is it worth scheduling service for my furnace? I only use it for part of the year. How often should I be scheduling it?” Don’t worry, we have answers to your questions!

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Smoking chimney and pipe on the top of a house in rural area

Is That Smell Coming From My Heater?

Any time you notice something odd about your heating system, it can be a stressful situation. When you turn up the heat for the first time in the year, you might hear some noises, find some problems, and occasionally, smell a strange odor. When those strange smells crop up, it’s important to quickly identify it and put a stop to it.

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Woman with cute cat resting near fireplace at home

Are Wood Stoves Worth It?

If you have a wood stove or fireplace, it can be tempting to think of it as a free booster to warm the house. You may even be considering about having one installed. There are several factors to examine when looking at wood burning for heat as an option.

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cat of Scottish British breed wrapped in a warm scarf looking out the window at the snow

Reducing Heat Loss This Winter

Nothing is better than being able to enjoy the cozy warmth of your home during the harsh winter months. What you might not realize however, is how much of your heat is being lost to the outdoors. Lost heat can cost you big time as the temperatures drop.

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Furry striped pet cat lying on warm radiator rests and relaxes

Why Are My Pipes Making Noise?

If you have a forced water heating (radiator) system in your home, you’ve likely heard noises coming from the pipes when the boiler kicks on for the first time of the season. These noises usually consist of bubbling and humming, but can be more jarring like a clang.

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