Sometimes, one problem with your plumbing can be disguising a different, underlying issue that needs fixing, and we only learn of it when we go in to see what the trouble is. Other times, attempting to fix one problem ends up highlighting another. This was the case in a drain servicing we recently did in Robesonia, PA. We were called in because the customer’s dual basin kitchen sink was clogged, but when we attempted to auger the drain, the brass drum trap, which was fairly old, broke in the process.

Things were clearly in need of a refresh underneath this client’s sink, so after the drum trap broke, we put in a Studor vent and a new P-trap, helping to ensure that the sink would drain properly again and that the client wouldn’t run into any more trouble with the old, worn-out plumbing. In the end, they were very satisfied with the work we did, and the whole job only took a few hours in spite of the setback!

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