The drains in your home are probably not something that you think about on a daily basis, until they aren’t working, and then they’re front and center in your mind. Slow drains that smell bad and even back up are a major hassle to deal with, but don’t stress! This is one of the most common plumbing issues, and not only is it frequently easy for a professional to fix, it’s simple to prevent as well with regular drain cleaning. Here’s everything you need to know!

Commercially Available Cleaners

When you need to unclog or clean your drain, the first thing you turn to might be commercially available drain cleaners. These chemicals usually come in liquid form and boast their ability to blast through clogs. However, these cleaners can often do more harm than good! 

Store bought drain cleaners don’t just contain dangerous substances that can be harmful for you and your family, but the chemical reactions that cause can damage your pipes, especially if you use them regularly over time. What’s worse, they might work through a major blockage, but they don’t clear residue and other nasty things in your drain, meaning they don’t really address the root of the issue.

Regular Upkeep

One of the best ways to take care of your drains over time is to do the small maintenance tasks that will keep them from forming clogs in the first place. This mostly just means that it’s important to be mindful of what goes down your drains! Debris like hair and bits of food are things that you should try to sweep out and throw in the trash, and things like hot grease or oils, coffee grounds, and other known clog-causers should never end up in your drains if you want them to stay in good condition.

Professional Maintenance

Most people only call professional drain cleaning services when they’re dealing with a slow or blocked drain, but you can actually get your drains professionally cleaned even when they aren’t actively giving you a problem, and it can be a great way to prevent issues over time. Getting regular drain cleaning services can and should be part of your regular home maintenance routine, and a plumbing company like The Plumbing Works in Reading can help you!

Drain Cleaning Options

When you get your drains professionally cleaned, there are several different methods that your plumbers might use to get things squeaky clean. Drain snaking and hydrojetting are two common ones. Drain snaking involves using a long tool that looks like a snake to clear debris from the drain, and hydrojetting uses a focused and powerful stream of water to blast away anything that might be causing problems. It can even be used to clear stubborn clogs caused by tree roots deep in the system!

Getting these professional drain cleaning services done a few times a year will do wonders for keeping the plumbing in your house clean and running smoothly. If you’re interested in learning more, contact The Plumbing Works today for information about our drain cleaning services!

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